Record Player Repair | Grand Forks, ND

Get That Vinyl Spinning Again & The Tunes Pumping With Our Record Play Repair

Record Player Repair | Grand Forks, ND


Snapped, Streched, Missing. We can replace the bad record player belts. 

Needles & Cartridges

Needle warn our or missing? Damaged Cartridge? Valley TechPros are the PROS at finding replacments for even the most vintage systems. 

Power Issues

No Power, Losing Power, Random shutoffs. We have seen many of these issues are are pros at geting your system to power on again!

Slow Spinning

System not spining right round? We can help figure out why and fix the cause. 

Tone Arm Issues

Tone Arm Balance, Stuck Arm, Or Other Tone Arm Issue? The TechPros know how to solve it! 

Buzzing & Humming

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ CLICK BZZZZZZZ….. Ya… We hate that sound too! Valley TechPros Can Fix It.

Sound Quality 

Sounds not crisp and not transporting you to another world? We can fix all variety or sound quality issues. 

Record Player Restoration

Have that old family record player or one with a lot of memory? We can get it fully restored and working again.


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Walk in any time for a repair or schedule an appointment for your repair if you have lots of things to discuss.  The option is yours! 

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People Who Agree Valley TechPros Can Fix It!

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I have nothing but praise for Valley Tech Pros. As a senior citizen I'm not exactly fluent in today's laptop/ electronic world as much as I try and would like to be. Valley Tech has treated me great despite my lack of knowledge. I was lucky enough to purchase one of their used computers a HP Pavilion entertainment PC at a wonderful price. I've never had such a beautiful computer. I can't thank them enough for their kindness and professionalism

Thomas G

January 2020

Recommended on Facebook
Professional, timely and courteous. They kept me informed and delivered a quality repair!

Sue A

August 2020

Reviewed on Google ★★★★★
Took my laptop for a security check to Dalton at Valley Tech pros and as usual a fix in about 15 minutes. Great service, expert knowledge, and the price is always fair. Thanks Dalton. Preventative maintenance with Dalton will save you a lot of money down the road guaranteed.

Marland L

April 2022

Reviewed on Google ★★★★★
I received an error message saying I had trojan viruses on my chromebook. I brought it in and Dalton took one look at it and diagnosed the problem. He quickly resolved the problem and cleaned up my device very quickly. For any future problems I know where I'm taking my business! TechPros!

Clyde D

April 2022

Reviewed on Google ★★★★★
Dalton recovered photos from my computer that were lost. I will definitely come to this shop again with any of my repair needs! Thank you Dalton!

Robin S

May 2022

Reviewed on Google ★★★★★
Valley Tech Pros have been totally great! I've followed Elizabeth from her last place of employment to here and was sooo happy to find her again. She can explain things so that a tech idiot can understand and she and Dalton go out of their way to be helpful and courteous. So thanks and I tell everyone that these people are the best!

Margaret F

January 2021