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PC, Mac & Computer Repair Warranty

Valley TechPros provides a 30-day guarantee for computer on repair services & 15 Days on all other items. We offer a 30 warranty on all NEW PC/Computer Parts. If your problem is not resolved, we can repair or replace the defective parts.

We reserve the right to refuse any warranty claim. Once the device has left our possession new or old Virus, Damages, Cracks, or Misuse are not covered & will be considered a new repair.

If after a repair, you experience problems which were not originally disclosed to prior to the initial repair, the problem is classified as new and unrelated & not covered by our warranty.

Data recovery, backup services & devices with liquid damage are exempt from any warranty or guarantee even after repair or service. Used parts are not coverd by our guarantee.

Other Electronics Warranty

All other electronic devices not classified as Computer, PC or Mac are covered under our Electronics Warranty.

Electronics are covered by a 15 day labor warranty. Parts do not come with a warranty of any kind as most are used / refurbished parts. 

Manufacturer Warranty

Some services may void your manufacturer’s warranty. Some manufacturers provide exemptions for professional repair shops, though we cannot guarantee in any way that yours will, nor do we have a list of manufacturers who do provide such exceptions.

 Any repairs or modifications to iPhones and other Apple Products WILL void your warranty.


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