We made the paper! We would also like to note something important that was edited out of our Q&A. 

Elizabeth R.S. Knapkewicz, who is new to our team, comes with some impressive credentials that will make Valley TechPros your best option for all your tech needs. 

Please welcome to our team: Elizabeth R.S. Knapkewicz, AAS, BS, MA, our CompTIA A+ certified lead technician.

Q&A: Alexa, where can I get my tablet repaired in downtown Grand Forks?

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Written by: Bonnie Meibers

Founded by Dalton Ramos, Valley TechPros company mainly does electronics repairs.

Ramos said he decided to make downtown the new home of Valley TechPros after many years working and living downtown.

Ramos talked with the Herald about the new business:

Q: What is Valley TechPros? What do you do and why?

A: Valley TechPros is Grand Forks’ experts in computer, phone, tablet and electronics repair. If it’s electronic, Valley TechPros can fix it. The Valley TechPros team is currently made up of three people: Dalton Ramos, the owner and founder with multiple years of repair experience; Lisa Johnson, our financial expert; and Elizabeth Knapkewicz, our lead technician.

Q: What is your background?

A: Valley TechPros was started by Dalton Ramos, the co-owner and co-founder of Living Sage Home Boutique and owner of OhFer Creative. Dalton has been playing with and working on electronics since he was a child, and has always had a passion for it. Elizabeth started repairing computers back when Windows 98 was the best new thing. After learning hands-on, she completed a formal degree in Computer Service and Networking in 2009. She brings a wealth of experience in both PC and Apple systems, hardware and software and mobile device repair. Elizabeth is a longtime resident of Grand Forks and has worked in a computer repair shop since 2009. Dalton started Valley TechPros after he noticed there were not enough repair shops to meet the growing demand for service in Grand Forks.

Q: What other services do you do that may not have anything to do with device repair?

A: Valley TechPros offers consultation on new machines or phones; this is one-on-one training for anyone who needs it. We also offer set up, data migration, virus scans, diagnostics, phone screen replacements, game system repair, custom computer builds and accessories.

Q: How is business going so far?

A: Business has been growing at a slow but steady rate since our opening in February. Aside from marketing, getting our name known and letting people know that we have a private parking lot for customers off the street, I would say our hardest challenge was finding an affordable retail space in Grand Forks. I think Grand Forks is a great place to start a business, but be prepared to pay a lot for retail locations.

Q: Where do you see the business a year from now?

A: In the very near future we are looking at adding training classes for computer basics or even more advanced classes. We hope to have some geared toward seniors and some geared toward people of all skill levels. We also have been looking into opening more locations.